Created in 2007, EPPM Algeria operates in the local market through three main core businesses : Oil & Gas, Water Treatment and Industrial Plants. For each core business, EPPM Algeria offers a large range of services including Engineering studies, project management, procurement, construction & supervision, commissioning & start-up as well as operating & maintenance.


Item Year Project Name   Location Client  
  2017 Fire-fighting Network Revamping Works of the Gas Treatment Plant Phase-A  at Rhourde Nouss   Rhourde Nouss - Algeria SONATRACH  
  2017 Multidisciplinary  Engineering Service   Hassi Messaoud - Algeria Groupement SONATRACH-ENI   
2015  Construction of a new fire fighting  Tank at the Oil Treatment Center    Bir Rabaa Nord - Algeria Groupement SONATRACH - AGIP   
2 2009  Engineering, Fabrication and supply of 50 sand traps erected on skids with needed accessories for connection and erection on wells - feeding units with Gas-Lift     Hassi Messaoud - Algeria SONATRACH   
3 2008  Engineering Systems of fire-fighting protection of the park of storage of oil pumping plant SP-1   In Aminas - Algeria   SONATRACH  
4 2008  Detailed design related to security system of Sonatrach installations   Arzew - Algeria  SONATRACH   
 2008 Engineering Procurement and Erection of Loading arm    Hassi Messaoud  - Algeria SONATRACH    
2008   Engineering Procurement Services and Project Management of flared gas recovery   Hassi Berkine - Algeria   Groupement SONATRACH - AGIP    
7 2008  FEED & Elaboration of Bid Document of 70 km of 20’’ pipeline      Bir Rabaa Nord - Algeria Groupement SONATRACH - AGIP     
8 2008  Setting-up of a new pumping station and a filtration unit at CIS zone, dedicated to pump treated oily-water through fiberglass pipe (22 Km/12’’)      Hassi Messaoud  - Algeria SONATRACH     
9 2008  General Engineering  Services       Bir Rabaa Nord - Algeria Groupement SONATRACH - AGIP      
10   2008  General Engineering  Services        Bir Rabaa Nord - Algeria  Groupement SONATRACH - AGIP     
11 2008  Engineering, Procurement & Construction of two oily water separation plants    Oued Noumer & Ait El Khir  - Algeria  SONATRACH     
12 2007   Engineering, Procurement & Construction of two oil and air plants at satellites OMP 53 and OMN77      Hassi Messaoud  - Algeria  SONATRACH     
13  2007 Revamping, Maintenance, Operation, follow up  and the control of treated water quality in two oily water plants in CINA & CIS sites    Hassi Messaoud  - Algeria   SONATRACH     
14 2007   Revamping, Maintenance, Operation follow up and the control of treated water quality in three oily water plants in Haoudh Barkaoui, Guellala & Belkahla sites    Haoudh Barkaoui - Algeria    SONATRACH     
15   2007   General Engineering  Services    Hassi Messaoud - Algeria  Groupement SONATRACH - AGIP      
16  2006  Detailed design related to security system of compression stations, pumping stations and the terminal tank farm   Skikda - Algeria    SONATRACH     
17 2006  Engineering, Construction & Procurement of twenty five Manifolds erected on skid  with the accessories on connecting networks of oil collection    Hassi Messaoud - Algeria    SONATRACH   
18 2006   Technical assistantce on site for the study and realization of new development projects    Bir Rabâa Nord - Algeria Groupement SONATRACH - AGIP      
19  2006 Waste Water Treatment Plant of Bejaia City   Bejaia - Algeria   Direction Hydraulique de la Wilaya  
20  2005  Waste Water Treatment Plant of Sour El Ghozlène City    Sour El Ghozlène - Algeria  Direction Hydraulique de la Wilaya  
21 2004  Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Revamping of flaring system   Hassi Messaoud - Algeria     SONATRACH   
22  2004  Blow Down System     Hassi Messaoud - Algeria     SONATRACH    
23  2003 Engineering Procurement Realization and Start up of 5 off Shore Buoys Loading Terminals in Sea     SKIKDA, ARZEW & BEJAIA  - Algeria     SONATRACH    
24 2013 Revamping of fire fighting network for Arzew Refinery   Arzew - Algeria SONATRACH  
25 2012 Technical assistance   Algeria ENTREPOSE ALGERIE  
26 2011 Supply and laying loading arm   Algeria SONATRACH ‐SINOPEC  
27 2010 Pipe Laying DN 300 mm for the project "Setting-up of a new pumping
 station  and a filtration unit at CIS zone, dedicated to pump treated
oily-water through fiberglass pipe (22 Km/12’’)"
28 2010 Engineering for the cathodic protection system for a tank of 3500 m3
 in Ohanet station
  Ohanet station - Algeria BUTEC SAL-Algeria  
29 2010 Staff provision   Algeria Groupement BERKINE SONATRACH / ANADARKO  
30 2010 Civil works for Guellala Tank   Guellala - Algeria EPPM SA  
31 2010 Erection of oilywater equipment & piping in Ait EL Kheir   Ait EL Kheir - Algeria EPPM SA  
32 2010 Civil works and equipment for loading arm project   Algeria EPPM SA  
33 2010 Supply of electrical cable & accessories   Algeria SONATRACH ‐SINOPEC  
34 2009 Relatization of chlorine production unit in industrial area of
Fornak-Mosta- Mostaghanem
  Area Fornak-Mosta- Mostaghanem - Algeria ADWAN CHEMICALS  
35 2008 Supply and erection of electrical equipment & accessories   Algeria DHW BOUIRA  
36 2007 Engineering studies for AIN BESSAM waste water treatment station   AIN BESSAM - Algeria HYBACO  
37 2007 Project Management & administrative assitance for the projet
 "Waste Water Treatment Plant of SOUR EL GHOZLENE"
38 2007 Project Management & administrative assitance for the projet