• Engineering Procurement & Project Management
  • Engineering Procurement & Project Management
  • Engineering Procurement & Project Management



EPPM is recognized as one of the major EPC contactors active in the Middle East and Africa, operating in Oil & Gas (midstream), Water Treatment, Renewable Energies and Industrial Plants.

EPPM offers to its clients a large range of services including engineering, project management, procurement, construction & supervision, commissioning & start-up as well as operating & maintenance services.

EPPM headquarters is based in Tunisia with worldwide subsidiaries in Algeria, Libya, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo, KSA, UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Iraq and Oman.

Over the last 25 years of operation EPPM has shown a track record of successfully delivered projects in Engineering, EPCC (turnkey projects), EPS, PMC, O&M, as well as financing projects such as long-term BOT & BOO and leasing projects.

EPPM is committed to internationally recognized standards (such as ISO : QHSE,), in the execution of all its projects and adopted Project Management services in conformity with the agreed upon standards of Project Management Institute (PMI).




Depending on the specific requirements of each project, engineering design includes all or parts of the following: Prefeasibility & Feasibility Studies, Conceptual Design, Basic Design, Detailed Design and Site Engineering.

EPC projects

Since 1993, EPPM has had a broad experience in Oil & Gas, Water Treatment and EPC projects.

Operating &Maintenance

EPPM has developed the operating & maintenance service to support the client throughout all phases of the project. This service covers both Greenfield and Brownfield plants.

  • OIL & GAS

    In the field of Oil & Gas, EPPM has developped a broad experience mainly in the following :

    - Oil / Gas processing plants.

    - Flow line & pipeline.

    - Storage Facilities.

    - Oily water Treatment.

    - Gas Lift & Water Injection Systems.


    Since its establishment, EPPM has acquired a large expertise in the Water Treatment Field, especially in the following :

    -Sewage Water Treatment (Urban & Industrial).

    -Brackish & sea water.

    -Industrial Water Treatment.

    -Potable water plants.


    In the Industry Field, EPPM is mainly interested in the following fields of activities :

    - Power plants.

    -Fertilizer plants.

    -Cement plants.

  • renewable energy

    EPPM has been introduced to this fast growing sector through :

    -Conventional Photovoltaic & Bio-Gas.

Awards & Recognitions

Values & Policies
For almost three decades, EPPM has established its own organizational culture, whose human capital is the most valued and appreciated asset. EPPM employs over 1000 collaborators. The work environment in EPPM is based on Leadership, Devotion, Innovation, Creativity and Competitiveness. Therefore, EPPM has set some guidelines to its information system users, who shall comply with the integrity and confidentiality measures mentioned in the ISMS policy. It has also been committed to a set of QHSE principles so as to maintain profitability and a sustainable development of the company services.


EPPM success is based on the promotion and the implementation of the following set of values:
- Devotion and Sense of Quality
- Appreciation of Innovation & Creativity
- Emphasis on Human Capital
- Promotion of Improvements
- Environment of Trust and Prosperity


EPPM nurtures its organizational culture, following these principles:
- Stakeholders’ Satisfaction
- Consistent Business Development
- Conformity with Requirements
- Health, Safety & Environment Protection
- Regular Cost Control
- Continual Improvement


EPPM has set the following security measures, due to the massive access information:
- Confidentiality of Sales offers and Personal data
- Integrity and Availability of Information
- Securit of Engineering and Project Management documents