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  • OFFSHORE Angola
    Operating & Maintenance Services
    - Operating and maintenance manuals
    - Production Operation Assistance
    - Maintenance for Offshore & Onshore Facilities
    - Additional Services
  • banniere Additional services1
    Operating & Maintenance Services
    - Training services for operators and maintenance personnel
    - Production start-up ; Operation of wells, and facilities
    Production Operation Assistance
  • Maintenance 3
    Operating & Maintenance Services
    Maintenance for Offshore & Onshore Facilities
    - Integrated maintenance services (preventive, corrective and conditional maintenance services)
    - Sectorial maintenance (mechanical,electrical,instrumentation, HVAC)
    - Specialised maintenance (rotating equipment,telecom,ICSS)
    - Expertise (gas turbines, centrifugal compressors, metering systems,...)
    - Workshop services (mechanical valves...)
  • Additional
    Operating & Maintenance Services
    - Facilities management
    - Logistics, Procurement and Spare Parts management
    - Preparation and management of major overhauls
    Additional services
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