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Item Year Project Name Location Client
1 2016 Provision of Hazop/Hazid & Sil chairman  Tunisia MAZARINE ENERGY TUNISIA BV TUNISIA BRANCH
2 2016 HAZOP chairman  Tunisia STAR CONTRACTING
3 2015 Provision of General Engineering Services Tunisia BRITSH GAS TUNISIA
4 2015 Separation And Compression Central & Water  Injection Unit  Espagne TECNA PROYECTOS Y OPERACIONES, S.A
5 2015 SLK Flare System Upgrading Study  for the cathodic protection system  Tunisia CTKCP
6 2015 El Bibane CPF debottlenecking conceptual study (Gas Facilities)  Tunisia ECUMED
7 2015  Flare Radiation, Vent and Vapor gas dispersion studies Tunisia ECM+
8 2015  Construction of a new fire fighting  Tank at the Oil Treatment Center at BRN   Algeria GSA : GROUP SONATRACH-AGIP
9 2015 Provision of Hazop Leader and secretary  Tunisia ECM+
10 2014 Provision of Engineering Integrated Team Germany MSBI
11 2014 Provision Of General Engineering Services Sudan STAROIL
12 2014  Provision Of Engineering, Procurement, Construction And Commissioning (Epcc) For Expansion Of Wellpad A And Wellpad Q For Petronas Carigali Iraq Holding
B.V.Garraf Operations
13 2014   Provision Of Engineering Services Of 12” Pipeline Capacity Upgrading Project  Sudan SPPC ( Sudanese Petroleum Pipelines Co. Limited )
14 2014  Staff Provision   Angola ATLANTIC TECHNOLOGIES
15 2014 Engineering Design , Procurement, Installation,Construction And Pre-Commissioning Of Export Pipeline    Iraq KUWAIT ENERGY
16 2014 Debottelnecking Conceptual Study of Sabria Plant Tunisia WINSTAR
17 2014 General Maintenance Services FSFST Association Angola EPPM ANGOLA
18 2013 Msa Nawara Stgp Engineering Services Tunisia OMV
19 2013 Hazop Workshop ( Chairman & Secretary) Sudan JPPDI
20 2013 Provision of Engineering Services Tunisia TPS
21 2013 Provision of General Engineering Services Sudan GPOC
22 2013 Basic & Detailed Engineering of  Chaurgui 8 Pipeline. Tunisia PETROFAC
23 2013 Staff Provision Tunisia TPS ( Thyna Petroleum Services )
24 2013 Replacement of air compressors of eight GTG units-Yanbu

 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

25 2013 Basic & Detailed Engineering of Chargui 6 Pipeline    Tunisia PETROFAC  
26 2012 Provision of Facilities Improvment project Engineering  services for Garraf  Operations Iraq PETRONAS
27 2012 Management of the construction of LPG bottling plant project  Ivory Coast   SOCIETE NATIONALE D'OPERATIONS PETROLIERES DE LA COTE D'IVOIRE 
28 2012 MFC Upgrade MARJAN Helidecks

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

30 2012 Provision of Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning for Diesel Storage Tank and Associated Work at GARRAF Contract Area (GCA). Iraq PETRONAS
31 2012 General Engineering Services (GES) for Upstream Development Projects Sudan GNPOC
32 2012 El Bibane Detail Engineering For Ebb Pilot Cycling Production Project Tunisia  ECUMED
33 2012 HAZOP review for new air compressor Z5800 Tunisia  SEREPT
34 2012 Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissionning of one pump with motor for MAWALAH Pumping Station  Sultanate of Oman  PUBLIC AUTHORITY FOR ELECTRICITY AND WATER
35 2012 Detailed Engineering for 12" 147 Km Transit line from Hadida FPF to Fula CPF Sudan SUDANESE PETROLEUM PIPELINE COMPANY SPPC
36 2012 Detailed Engineering for South Ennajma EPF Development Project  Sudan  STAROIL
37 2012 General Engineering Services: Preservation Procedure of FPFs and CPF of PETRODAR after shutdown. Sudan  PETRODAR
38 2012 Provision of Conceptual Design of Hadida Field Development  Sudan   PETROENERGY
39 2012 General Engineering Services  Sudan   PETROENERGY
40 2011 Detailed Engineering Khartoum - Madani Pipeline Project  Sudan   SPPC ( Sudanese Petroleum Pipeline Company )
41 2011 Provision of conceptual design & basic engineering services for "Fula Pipeline" project Sudan WNPOC
42 2011 Supply of one "HP Fuel Gas Scrubber Package Z5995" Tunisia  SEREPT
43 2011 Feasibility study of LPG extraction from flared Gas Sudan  SUDAPET
44 2011 Provision of Civil Engineering Services Tunisia  OMV
45 2011 Joknyang/Thoan Field Development Project - Block 5A Sudan   WNPOC
46 2011 Study of new pipeline routing Tunisia  STORM
47 2010 Supply of FUEL GAS SEPARATOR Package Z5975 Tunisia  SEREPT
48 2010 Elaboration of tender and bid packages including technical specifications related to wells plateforms EBB 3, 4 et 5 at Zarzis  offshore field Tunisia  ECUMED PETROLEUM TUNISIA  LTD 
49 2009 Multidisciplinary Engineering Services Tunisia  ENI TUNISIA B.V
50 2009 Staff Provision 

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

52 2009 General Engineering Services Sudan    GNPOC
53 2009 Engineering, Fabrication and supply of 50 sand traps erected on skids with needed accessories for connection and erection on wells - feeding units with Gas-Lift at Hassi Messaoud Algeria  SONATRACH
54 2008 Engineering Systems of fire-fighting protection of the park of storage of oil pumping plant SP-1 In Aminas  Algeria  SONATRACH
55 2008 Maamoura and Baraka Field Development Provision of Onshore Facilities and supplier’s follow up Services Tunisia  PIRECO / ENI TUNISIA
56 2008 Detailed design related to security system of Sonatrach installations - Direction régionale Arzew RTO  Algeria   SONATRACH
57 2008 Engineering Procurement and Erection of Loading arm in Hassi Messaoud Algeria  SONATRACH - HMD
58 2008 Engineering services   Tunisia    Pa RESOURCES
59 2008 Engineering Procurement Services and Project Management of flared gas recovery at ROM site To HASSI BERKINE Algeria SONATRACH - AGIP
60 2008 FEED & elaboration of Bid Document   Algeria   SONATRACH - AGIP
61 2008 Detailed design related to the Sulphiric Acid Plant (multidisciplinary)   Tunisia    TECHNIP / TIFERT
62 2008 Setting-up of a new pumping station and a filtration unit at CIS zone, dedicated to pump treated oily-water through fiberglass pipe (22 Km/12’’)     Algeria      SONATRACH
62 2008 Engineering Services   Tunisia   PIONEER NATURAL RESOURCES
63 2008 Engineering services     Algeria     SONATRACH - AGIP
64 2008 General  Engineering Services Algeria SONATRACH - AGIP
65 2008 Engineering, Procurement & Construction of two oily water separation plants in Oued Noumer & Ait El Khir   Algeria   SONATRACH - HASSI R'MEL
66 2007 Engineering, Procurement and Construction of two oil and air plants at satellites OMP 53 and OMN77 in south Algeria   Algeria   SONATRACH - HMD
67 2007 Revamping, Maintenance, Exploitation follow up  and the control of treated water quality in two oily water plants of CINA and CIS.     Algeria      SONATRACH - HMD
68 2007 Revamping, Maintenance, Operation follow up and the control of treated water quality in three oily water plants of Haoudh Barkaoui Algeria SONATRACH - HMD
69 2007 Engineering Services   Tunisia    ENI OIL COMPANY
70 2007 Used lube oil recycling plant

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

71 2007 Engineering Services  Tunisia   SEREPT
72 2007 Engineering Services Algeria SONATRACH - AGIP
73 2007 Technical Assistance at TPS Office   Tunisia    TPS
74 2007 Engineering Services   Tunisia    PERENCO
75 2006 Technical assistance on site for the study and realization of new development projects for ENI at the south of Tunisia Karma Field/ Hammouda Field/ Nour Field  Tunisia   ENI TUNISIA
76 2006 Detailed design related to security system of compression stations, pumping stations and the terminal tankfarm at SKIKDA -Direction régionale SKIKDA  Algeria   SONATRACH
77 2006 Repair of  STIR stripping network   Tunisia   PIRECO
78 2006 Djebel Grouz  Treatment unit   Tunisia    SMIP
79 2006 Engineering, Construction & Procurement of twenty five Manifolds  erected on skid  with the accessories on connecting networks of oil collection at  HASSI-MESSAOUD  Algeria   SONATRACH
80 2006 Pipeline & Platforms Installations Tunisia    ECUMED
81 2006 Basic & Detailed design activities related to CPF Construction  Tunisia   PIRECO / ECUMED
82 2006 Technical assistantce on site for the study and realization of new development projects at BRN (Bir Rabâa Nord) oil field in south of Algeria   Algeria     SONATRACH - AGIP
83 2005 Basic & Detailed design activities for El bibane field development project: Platforms fabrication & CPF Construction  Tunisia    PIRECO / ECUMED
84 2005 Technical Assistance at SEREPT Tunisia    SEREPT
85 2004 Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Revamping of flaring system in Hassi Messaoud  Algeria   SONATRACH HMD
86 2004 Blow down system   Algeria     SONATRACH HMD
87 2003 Engineering Procurement Construction and Start up of 5 off Shore Buoys Loading Terminals in Sea  Algeria     SONATRACH
88 2002 GPL Bottles filling unit of 6kg and 13 kg  Tunisia   


89 2001 Fire Fighting Network Tunisia   TUNISIE OUATE
90 2001 North Rumaila water injection treatment plant   Iraq   PIRECO / IRAQ
91 2001 EL BIBANE Central Production Facility (CPF)   Tunisia      TPS / IMPaC / PREUSSAG t-->
92 2000 Detailed study for the rehabilitation of the existing network  Tunisia   


93 2000 Enginneering water handling facilities design Tunisia   CTKP
94 2000 Design of 500m² depot for tanks storage Tunisia   STULUB
95 2000 110 Km - 16 " pipeline   Tunisia      PIRECO / AGIP TUNISIA
96 1998 Engineering of piping transfer & fire protection system -" zone de stockage GPL"  Tunisia   


97 1998 Revamping  of Lubricant Regeneration and Production Plant  Tunisia   STULUB
98 1997 Pipeline Cercina Rhemoura  Tunisia   


99 1996 Pipeline 8" in " Oued Zar"  Tunisia   AGIP TUNISIA
100 1995 Pipeline 16" Bir Mchergua  Tunisia   


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